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Buying Gold

Here at Yelverton Jewelers, we are highly trained in buying gold and will buy your gold at scrap value based on the current market value. Maybe you have one large piece or maybe you have many pieces….we are here to help put some cash in your pocket by buying your unwanted gold jewelry. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have on the gold-buying process. Contact us today to get more information on pricing and how the process works.

Jewelry Consignments

If you do not need cash immediately, an alternative approach of disposing of unwanted jewelry is to let us sell the jewelry for you. We examine your consignment and compare it with today’s used jewelry market. We will advise you of a fair price. Call today, 478.971.1600 , to learn more from our friendly knowledgeable staff.

Jewelry Trade-Ins 

Jewelry can and does change over a period of time. You may find that your once-loved piece is out-of-date and does not match your current wardrobe or is out of vogue with the latest styles. We often find that opposed to the item(s) just sitting in a jewelry box at home, it does have some value and can be traded. We will review your item(s) and give you a fair credit towards the purchase of a new jewelry item.

Jewelry Purchases 

If you decide that you want to sell your jewelry items, bring them in for us to examine and evaluate them. If we determine that we have a need and there is a potential market for your jewelry items, we will pay you a fair price.

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